About Sushi Factory

We, at Sushi Factory San Jose is very delighted to welcome you to our humble and exciting Sushi Restaurant/Bar which is well-established since 2004. Through the great years, we have aimed and successfully provided the pure Japanese Sushi experience to our loving customers. We elaborately offer various gourmet Japanese dishes such as delectable Rolls, distinctive Nigiri, luscious Maki, palatable Hand Rolls and the most distinctive Tempura in town. Our very reliable Sushi chef has a very competent background on Japanese gourmet food preparation with decades of experience in the Japanese food industry! Besides Sushi, we are also serving the best beverages in the market such as Sake and imported beer.

Along with our very friendly staff, tasty gourmet dishes and an ever ambient restaurant atmosphere, our beloved customers have grown attached to us over the good years. Because of this, we definitely and happily invite you all to join our big, elated family!