Pick the Best Sushi House and Sushi Place in California

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When talking about Japanese food, the first thing that will surely come into our minds is sushi. Sushi has been a delicacy for Japanese people for such a long time. Fresh from the deep waters and served to their tables makes them live longer and healthier. Japanese food and Japanese dishes in a sushi house can be a bit of a mystery for some people and there are many who may think it consists only of raw fish, something they would never want to eat.

Well, the good news is that there are many different forms of Japanese cuisine and some of them involve cooking. Truth is, unless you live in an area that has access to really fresh fish, sushi places in your town will have a hard time presenting high-quality sushi and sashimi, the most common forms of raw Japanese cuisine. This is because sushi and sashimi are dependent on having both high-quality fish and extremely fresh fish. A real sushi or sashimi fan would bring up his nose close at a dish and immediately know if it is really fresh or not.

Nowadays, you should be careful and be keen on what Japanese restaurant you will go to. Be sure that the sushi you are eating is really fresh. One basic way of knowing whether the sushi is fresh or not is by the smell. Sushi or sashimi that is not fresh smells a bit stinky. Try to smell the food first just to make sure that the food is fresh. California sushi is best in a Japanese restaurant named Sushi Factory which can be found in San Jose California.
This is one sushi house that stands among the rest for more than a decade.

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